Electrical appliances used in homes offer comfort, convenience, and sizable savings on time and energy. Though there are different electrical home appliances, the most common ones are water heaters, electric kettles, air coolers, fans, iron boxes, microwave ovens, and refrigerators. Each electrical home appliance that we use everyday has definitely indispensable to our lives.

Though the core objective of each home appliance has remained the same, over time they have become greatly smart and highly efficient. Technically and functionally, all home appliance products are electrical/ mechanical appliances which accomplish some household functions, such as boiling, heating, pressing, mixing, grinding, cooking, cleaning, exercising, food preserving etc.

With time, the cumbersome and bulky electrical household appliances were transformed into sleek, stylish, aesthetic and smart devices in line with the trendy appearance of the home decor. The rapid technological breakthroughs fueled by rapid and focused innovations have made each home appliance more energy efficient and user-friendly.

Moving with the changing trend in the landscape of electrical home appliances, POWERN SOLUTIONS offers reliable, affordable and greatly smart technologies to OEMs/Brands in India. Our customized, innovative and value-driven smart devices enhance the value and establish OEMs market precedence. The aspirations of customers/end-users of home electrical appliances are completely met and totally fulfilled. For over 9 years, we have been specializing in product conceptualization, prototyping, designing, development, and bulk production of smart devices for leading OEMs/Brands. We ensure that each electrical home appliance is made smart, reliable, and innovative. Significantly, we offer simple status indicators to advanced IoT solutions.

POWERN SOLUTIONS’ offers a range of smart devices/solutions for Water Heaters including Basic, Standard & Advanced models

A variety of water heaters / geysers are available in the market. Significantly, the difference is seen as brand, sizes, and technology. Depending on the purpose and need, customers can buy a very basic immersion type heater or buy a premium smart heater. These water heaters are classified as, immersion type heaters, instant heaters, storage heaters, gas heaters, solar heaters, solar & pump heaters, and air2heat heaters.

Today, there is no home sans a water heater. The technology that goes into the making of each water heater helps to improve the heating performance and its efficiency. In today’s market, there is great demand for smart and green home appliances from the end-users. So, the electrical water heater manufacturers / OEMs are greatly focused towards enhancing the design and smart features to their products.

The water heater manufacturers find a two-way challenge. First they need to offer safe and quality-driven water heaters that offer reliable heating element, tank design and ensure protection of the users. Second, make each water heater smart with inclusion of smart devices like the simple color changing LED indicator to Wi-Fi controlled water heaters. The bathing experience of the end-users is enhanced with an offer of strong personalization features.

POWERN SOLUTIONS specializes in the production of smart devices that readily fit into any type of water heater. For this purpose, we work with the OEM’s design team to customize the product and make it greatly functional.
POWERN SOLUTIONS’ smart devices/solutions for any make, design, brand of water heaters include, Basic Models, Standard Models & Advanced Models.

  • Thermostat Status (readiness) Indicators – 3 Variants
  • Temperature Display Units – 2 variants
  • Temperature Display Unit with Thermostat Status (readiness) Indicators – 3 variants
  • Temperature Display Unit with Audio-visual readiness indicators – 2 variants
  • Temperature Display and Control module with Electronic Thermostat and IR Remote
  • IoT enabled Temperature control module with Electronic thermostat, access anywhere with Android Mobile App