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Lifestyle change is a continuous process. Individual households and homes move with the changing trend to become greatly modern and contemporary. With consumers demanding for greater choice, convenience, and innovation there is a huge demand for the new line of smart home appliances.

The routine electrical appliances like water heaters, electric kettles, air conditioners, air coolers, fans, iron boxes, microwave ovens, and refrigerators are transformed into smart and digitally enabled products. So, the basic purpose of a home appliance is re-drawn to offer sensational experience to the end-user.

POWERN SOLUTIONS pioneers a digital revolution in home appliances industry. We serve and support the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and Brands specializing in home appliances. We bring advanced specialization and end to end support in product conceptualization, prototyping, designing, development, and bulk production to each client engagement.

Our smart devices offer a facelift to each home appliance and meet in total the smart functionality requirements of the tech-savvy consumers. We are in collaboration with well known brands in India, and we offer simple status indicators to the more advanced smart devices with remote and Mobile app controlling features embedded into diverse home appliances.


To support holistically the OEMs in making their product line smart, reliable and innovative.


To achieve recognition as an end-to-end provider of smart devices to the home appliances industry; this includes proven specialization in product conceptualization, prototyping, designing, development, and bulk production.

We bring a host of benefits to OEMs/Brands

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Our Products

POWERN SOLUTIONS’ offers a range of smart devices/solutions for Water Heaters and other home appliances.

Our Clients

Our list of clients includes some of the most reputed electrical home appliance producers like

Leading Home Appliance Brand

  • Client Image

    Our range of water heaters needed an enhanced visual experience. Powern gave us a smart option that made visual check of the temperature possible. The smart temperature display and power consumption meter on the water heaters compounded the value of the product many-fold.

    • R&D Head, Popular Home Appliance Brand
  • Client Image

    These smart device experts all about the right equipment needed, and the way each smart component fits into our water heaters. They started working with our design teams and achieved perfect customizing of their product to fit into ours...they surprised us with a low pricing and early smart devices delivery

    • Design Team, Premium Home Appliance Brand
  • Client Image

    Smart technologies and innovation drive businesses dealing in electrical home appliances. When the idea came to re-invent our range of electrical water heaters, our choice was for Powern, a reliable partner for smart product design and production

    • Purchase, Well-known Brand in Water Heater Industry
  • Client Image

    When they came to us with a custom smart device, we could gauge their commitment to go a mile ahead to add value to our range of water heaters and electric kettles. We are now greatly customizing our products to turn smart, with reduced time to market

    • Leading International Home Appliances Brand
  • Client Image

    We could add smart product line to existing line. Definitely, we could achieve greater client experience, and thereby enhanced marketability of our home appliance products

    • A well-known brand in India



Products Delivered

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